If you have any questions about our Paragliding Courses, Tandem Flights or Gift Vouchers then please first read through all of the INFO & FAQs on this page:


What age do you need to be to be allowed to paraglide?

For learning paragliding you need to be over 14 years old. Under 18’s need written, signed parental consent to paraglide.
For tandem flights, no limit.

Young people between 14 and 17 years of age (i.e. under 18) require written consent to paraglide (either flying solo or tandem) from their parents. A parents or guardian must also come along on the day to look after them and be sure they are satisfied we are doing everything we can to look after their safety.

How fit and healthy do I need to be to paraglide?

You should be fit and active, have good co-ordination and an alert, reasoning mind.

What level of fitness is required for a tandem flight?

You need to be reasonably fit for a tandem paraglider fligh. Then have to runa bit for around 5-15 meters (15-50 feet) or more on take-off and landing.
Our highly experienced tandem pilots will ensure you have the most comfortable and enjoyable flying experience possible, but they cannot do your running for you!

Once in the air you will  sit back in a comfortable  paragliding harness and enjoy the feeling of flying and wonderful views from above!

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding your health or fitness to paraglide then call us and we will try to advise you as best we can.

Age limits to learn to paraglide?

You need to be reasonably fit and able to run  for sustained periods. You will need to be able to carry a 15-20 kg pack. For take-off and landing you may need to run a bit  for 10-20 metres.

Your eyesight needs to good enough so that you can see obstacles 100’s of feet away, and be able judge your height and approach in to land correctly.

Weight limits?

Yes, there are different upper and lower weight limits for tandem flights and paragliding courses with us. This is due to the certified weight ranges of the paragliders we use, which must be strictly adhered to. A paraglider flown outside of it’s certified weight range may not be safe to fly.

Tandems: no minimum ; maximum 85 kg.  if more, please call us) .

Training: minimum 35 Kg; maximum 110 Kg .

Clothing ?

For both paragliding courses and tandem paraglider flights, wearing the right clothing and footwear is very important! Here are some guidelines to help you…

You may have periods of intense activity (e.g. walking up the hill!) and other times where you may have to sit and wait for the right wind and weather conditions. You may have to contend with the chill factor of the prevailing wind, so it makes sense to go properly prepared. Layers of light but warm shirts/sweaters mixed with a windproof on top are much better than just one or two thick heavy garments. Wearing an overall or similar is a good idea; if you have some waterproof overalls or a one-piece ski suit, so much the better.

It is a good idea to bring along some waterproof overalls, just in case we get caught out by a rain shower. A pair of warm gloves is a very good idea, especially in cooler weather (even if you take them off to fly!), ideally not too thick. Take along a waterproof jacket that you can slip on over everything; you won’t fly when it’s raining but sometimes low cloud over the hills can have the same effect!

Footwear ?

Your footwear is  important as you will be doing a lot of running and landing on uneven terrain! Your footwear must give excellent ankle support and grip. It should also keep your feet warm and dry.

Footwear with little or no ankle support or slippery soles e.g. trainers or shoes are not recommended. Ideally your footwear should be without lacing hooks, as these can snag and damage suspension lines. Good flexible mountain walking type boots are the right kind of thing.

What about flying and the weather?

Outdoor activities are weather dependent, including paragliding. If the weather conditions are not suitable to fly, then unfortunately we simply cannot do so and we will have to cancel. Fortunately, there are many days in the year that are suitable to fly, so if you are unlucky with the weather you should re-book and try again (subject to availability in our diary, and your flight/course being within the 12 month validity period).

We will only fly you if we think the weather conditions are suitable to do so, and as safe as possible within reason. However, you should always bear in mind that paragliding is an adventurous activity and carries with it an inherent risk of possible injury.

Our highly experienced tandem pilots will do their utmost to keep you as safe as possible and ensure that we make the most out of the wind and weather conditions which occur on the day. We have been flying paragliders and teaching paragliding for over 30 years now, so you can be sure to have the best chance of getting the best possible flight with us!

The day before you are due to come and fly, you must call us on +33 (0) at 6:00 pm for a’weather check.

If the weather forecast is looking very bad for the next day we will have to cancel bookings. In case we are not able to answer the phone when you ring please leave a message on the answer phone and call the mobile phone number if mentioned in the answer phone message, or try again.

If we are unable to fly on the day you have booked, we will have to cancel the day and reschedule for another day (within the validity period of your booking).